Rasad is the sole monitoring system that protects the rights of authors and publishers in the country’s cyberspace.

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About Rasad Campaign

For the first time in Iran

The campaign of “Saying no to illegal downloading of eBook” kicked off in 2014 with the aim of restoring the rights of publishers and authors in Iran. About 10,000 visitors interested in books tied “Saying no to illegal downloading of eBook” bracelet to their hands – prepared by the campaign itself - and showed their support for the event, symbolically.

Rasad’s objectives

“Saying no to illegal downloading of eBook” is Rasad’s top priority. Providing a secure environment for publishers and preventing the spread of illegal links for the download of eBooks are among Rasad’s other goals. Rasad has tried to create an environment to enable publishers and authors to publish their works, safely.

Rasad’s reasons

Due to the illegal uploading of books on the internet, the uninterrupted efforts of writers and translators in recent years have been aborted and an atmosphere of despair and haplessness has been created. This act has reduced the incomes of the authors, publishers, etc. and created considerable economic losses to the country's publishing industry. Due to the staggering costs and the lack of return on investment, there is no more willingness among publishers to publish more and more titles.

The importance of Rasad

Today, since the issue of copyrighting is not at the heart of ongoing attempts, the status of publishing industry has declined. Due to this failure, the pdf version of many books are now illegally available on the internet and different social networks. These issues confirm the importance of Rasad. Rasad can stop illegal downloading of eBooks and increase the publishers, writers, as well as translators’ income.

Tips about copyright

  • An author’s intellectual property rights is not limited to a particular timespan or an exact location. It is non-transferable, as well.
  • Copyright expires 50 years after the author’s death.
  • Any changes or distortion in the content of those books protected by this law and the distribution of these books without author's permission are prohibited.
  • When a legal person violates the copyright law, criminal prosecutions should be done over natural person who is responsible for the guilt. In addition, the compensation sought by the private plaintiff should be recompensed through the properties of the legal person. If the properties of the legal person are not adequate enough, the amount of the compensation should be recompensed through the properties of the person who committed the guilt.
  • Books, essays, pamphlets, plays, poetries, songs, melodies, and ballads as well as any other scientific, technical, literary, and art works which are under the protection of the current law are all subject to the exclusive rights of the owners.
  • Those who violates intellectual property rights are criminals and shall be sentenced from three months to three years of imprisonment. These people shall also be accounted for recompensing of author's intellectual losses.


Everyone in every situation can help the campaign. The steps are as follow:

Encountering the violation

If a website uploads a book or a work without the permission of its real author in one of those digital formats including pdf, the website in which the rights of the author is violated should be regarded as a crime scene.

Submit a report

If you detect a crime regarding the violation of copyright law, use one of the following forms to inform us about the address of the violating website as well as any other useful information.

Rasad’s follow-ups

Right after you submit a report, we seriously start our follow-up procedures and use all our possible tools to remove the detected crime.

I am a publisher


Please complete all the boxes below if you are a publisher.

Please type the address of the violating website here.

I am a writer/translator


You are a writer or translator and this issue has made you upset.

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You are interested in book

دوستدار کتاب

You are interested in books and hate lawlessness.

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Who support us in this campaign:



موسسه شهر کتاب

Book City Institute

اتحادیه ناشران و کتابفروشان تهران

Tehran Publishers and Booksellers Association (TPBA)



Amir Hossein Aghighi

  • Graduated in law from Beheshti University
  • Master in Public Law
  • Justice Lawyer
  • Member of Central Bar Association

“We are optimistic that we can resolve any probable problem through our follow-ups. In doing so, one of our close friends and honorary colleagues, Amir Hossein Aghighi, will help us in legal negotiations and discussions.”

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